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About Us

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About Us

In our daily life, we always struggle to get fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits in metro cities which are mainly concrete jungles. In an attempt to save time and inconvenience we settle for less and compromise with the inferior quality of food. But Snapfresh.in is here to save your time as well as your daily struggle in getting fresh products. At snapfresh.in, we provide you with fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits at your doorstep.

Handpicked everything for quality assurance:

We believe that every household should get safe and hygienic products with the goodness of fresh meats, the richness of original flavors in vegetables and purest fruits to savor. Snapfresh.in brings fresh produce directly from farm to your home with its excellent end to end delivery system, effectively eliminating intermediaries. This step ensures that every item you get is completely hygienic and free from any external influence before reaching to your hands.

What we offer:

We have a diversified range for every non-veg lover as well as pure vegetarians.

Non-Veg Paradise:

Fish: We provide fresh fish directly from specially chosen ponds and fish farms. We have a variety of fishes to choose from our menu. You can get freshwater fish as well as sea saltwater fish straight from the coast. Our menu includes sheer fish, Rohe, prawn and much more fishes to choose.

Chicken: You can get fresh poultry products from meticulously picked poultry farms. We ensure the purity of each chicken before delivering it. You can also request for you favorite portion i.e. whether you want only leg pieces, wings or breast. We also serve thoroughly cleaned whole chicken, so that you can cut it in your unique way.

Mutton: We expertly choose the lamb for the finest mutton Connoisseurs which are tender and young. We offer higher meat ratio in all our expertly carved and fat trimmed red meat. Rest assured that the meat you are buying from us is entirely organically grown in farms and free from any hormones or antibiotics. You have a broad range at your service to choose from, including goat and lamb curry cuts, biryani cuts, minced meat, the shoulder portion and so on.

Vegetarian Nirvana

Fruits: We are here to fulfill all your nutritional need with our nutrient-rich fruits to satisfy all your Vitamins and antioxidants need. We have a rich collection of exotic international fruits as well as fruits for your daily dining table. It is regardless to say that all fruits are freshly plucked and free from any pesticides and fertilizers.

Vegetables: At Snapfresh.in we strive to deliver fresh vegetables directly from farms to your kitchen. You'll get that homely feel when your vegetables taste like those cooked by your Grandma. We prohibit using any coloring substance to make vegetable look fresh and greener. We directly farm pick your vegetables which are naturally fresh and free from any parasites and chemicals.

Packaging and Delivery

We have perfected the packaging with our revolutionary packaging system to keep your meat, fruits, and vegetables fresh till they reach your doorstep. We thrive to deliver the produce as early as possible, so you'll always get fresh products without a doubt. We deliver directly from farm to your kitchen without any delivery charges.

Customer Satisfaction:

As Snapfresh.in we value each, and every customer and their satisfaction are our foremost priority. We offer 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our product and find out any fault before cooking it.

We believe in creating lasting experiences and strive to go an extra mile to serve our customers competently. We aim to build a healthier India with our endeavor.

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